Sunday, July 1, 2018

2018 Presidents Cup - First Round Matches & Info.

2018 Presidents Cup - First Round Matches & Info.

Entry Fee: $25 - Entry Fees are due prior to your first match.  Unpaid entry fees will be billed to the member's account.

If a match has not been completed prior to deadline date, a time will be assigned to that match.  The assumption will be that both players will show up at that assigned time and play the match.  If one player shows up, that player will win the match by default.  If neither player shows up, both are disqualified.

Please be considerate of your fellow competitors and make every effort to complete your matches on time. A list of all President Cup participants and their email addresses has been emailed.

*First Round matches were created by random draw.      
*Players are awarded $25 per match win

Ladies - Net
*Complete 1st Round by 7/22
Shupe vs. BYE
Museums vs. Watkins
Simons vs. Laboda-Stuber
Swift vs. Grosso

Men's - Gross
*Complete 1st Round by 7/22
Bilyeu vs. Boileau
McCall vs. Scheemaker
Holloway vs. Harvey
Evans vs. BYE
Dunnigan vs. Tooke
Hesler vs. BYE
Emerson vs. Rubadou
Burrows vs. BYE

Men's - Net
*Complete 1st Round by 7/15
Silvia, P. vs. BYE
Howell vs. Wilczynski
Franz vs. BYE
Cox vs. BYE
Sadoski vs. BYE
Eldridge vs. Calo
Besio vs. BYE
Tucker vs. BYE
Hurley, C. vs. BYE
Buffum vs. Holloway
Brushingham vs. BYE
Schroeder vs. BYE
Powers vs. BYE
King vs. Curtis
Hanson, A.  vs. BYE
Dwyer vs. BYE
Evans, G. vs. BYE
Boileau vs. Harvey
McFee vs. BYE
Verrette vs. BYE
Anderson, M. vs. BYE
McElroy vs. Ripley
Figueiredo vs. BYE
Nicolli vs. BYE
Anklin vs. BYE
Henty vs. Lamb
Hoyt vs. BYE
Henson vs. BYE
Fiaschetti vs. BYE
Beach, R.  vs. Sedlak
Evangelista vs. BYE
Coopper vs. BYE